An Under Arm Exploration

Recently, I read that the use of deodorant and/or antiperspirant, over time, can actually make your sweat smell WORSE. A scientific study published in July of 2014 in the Archives of Dermatological Research found that using an antiperspirant can cause an increase in Actinobacteria. The article states that Actinobacteria causes "an unfavorable situation with respect to body odor development." 

Antiperspirants are aluminum-based. They are designed to block your sweat ducts with a gel-like substance, reducing the amount of sweat your body produces. Deodorant is used to prevent the odor caused by perspiration. As a woman who sweats pretty consistently, I have always relied on the help of a product that is both an antiperspirant and a deodorant. 

Making the change from one product, with which there is a familiarity and comfort, to one that is new and with unexpected results, can be daunting. Putting my reservations aside, I decided to take the plunge and embark on the journey from antiperspirants to an all natural deodorant.


After conducting some research and reading a few reviews and articles on natural deodorants, I learned some of the pros and cons of numerous products. One major con can be the price. I decided not to commit to any product over $10. Some may feel differently but I don't glisten when I sweat, I drip. Therefore, I purchase a new deodorant quite frequently. 

I decided on Schmidt's Natural Deodorant. Because I'm purchasing the product online, I made the decision to invest in two different scents to see which I like best. I chose CHARCOAL + MAGNESIUM and CEDARWOOD + JUNIPER. The main ingredients in both of these products are baking soda, absorbing moisture, and coconut oil, which is naturally antibacterial and antifungal.  Using Amazon Prime, ordering was easy. Plus, I can easily return whichever scent I like least. Then again, I might just keep them both.

Day 1

Amazon Prime offers the wonderful service of two day shipping, however, this means I do not have my new natural deodorant today. So instead of going natural, I decide to at least start by ridding my pits of antiperspirant. Lucky for me, my husband does not use an antiperspirant, he uses regular old deodorant. So my journey begins with Old Spice BearGlove, which I must say smells sensational. Seeing as this product is more of a gel, it almost makes me feel like I'm slightly sweaty right off the bat, however, the scent does a great job of masking any odor from sweat throughout the day.

Day 2

I'm once again turning to the Old Spice BearGlove as my new Schmidt's deodorants yet to arrive. Thus far, I haven't noticed a major difference with the change to deodorant from antiperspirant, other than the texture. I would count that as a plus. 


Day 3

My new products have arrived. I decide to try out Charcoal + Magnesium first. I applied the same amount of deodorant as I normally would and quickly realized that it was excessive. I like the texture of the deodorant, as it is much like the solid to which I'm accustomed. There is a slight grit from the baking soda, though it's not very noticeable after being applied. The scent is quite pleasant, resembling a powdery floral citrus. 

Day 4

I experienced a good bit of perspiration today, but my new Schmidt's deodorant is holding up well. Once again sporting the Charcoal + Magnesium scent, any odor was masked well. I have not experienced any reactions or discomfort due to the switch. 

Day 5

The citrusy cedar and birchwood scent of the Birchwood + Juniper might be my favorite, however, I would note that it is not the favorite of my husband, who enjoys the freshness of the Charcoal + Magnesium scent. Again, I wiped off a portion of the deodorant after applying too much. The deodorant seems to be doing it's job. Even without the antiperspirant, I feel like my perspiration is really only noticeable to me. Seeing as I haven't experienced any negative effects from the switch, I am pleased with my choice and plan to keep using my new Schmidt's deodorant.

I smell a good relationship in the works between myself and Schmidt's. Quite literally.