Lipstick for Life.

I cherish my alone time. Many times, it's like a date with myself. I don't get all fixed up just to go out. I like feeling fabulous whether I'm home alone or out for cocktails. If I invest time and effort in looking good to go out, can't I do the same to stay in? 


There is one product that, no matter the circumstance, no matter the situation, makes me feel fabulous. Every girl has at least one of these. For some, it's that mascara that makes their eye lashes always look long and voluminous. For others, it might be a foundation that makes their skin look simply glowing with every use. For me, it's my Kiki luxe mood changing lip color, in blue.

I only somewhat recently became acquainted with, what I consider, my lipstick for life. It was a gift for my last birthday in fact. I didn't even pick it out myself. And yet, it was meant to be. This little blue lip stick is most assuredly my shade. 


My husband is no longer surprised, when after coming home from an evening at work, he finds me sitting on the couch - hair's a mess, sporting sweat pants and a tank top - with perfectly applied blue Kiki luxe lip color. Of course I wear this lipstick out. It's a go to for many occasions and goes really well with black, a staple in my wardrobe. But much of my life is spent in the comfort of my own home. I don't need make up to feel beautiful, but I also don't think that make up is only for the viewing pleasure of others. I love having a lipstick that works for all facets of my life, whether out in a crowd or where no one will see me. If it makes me feel beautiful, then it's done it's job. And FEELING beautiful, in my opinion, is what really matters.