Rediscovering the wristwatch, a timeless classic.

Rediscovering the wristwatch, a timeless classic.

Although it’s origins do not date back quite as far as some of today’s fashion accessories, I truly believe that the wristwatch holds the status of “timeless”. Throughout history, the ubiquitous watch has evolved. Taking it’s place on the battlefield of World War I, the wristwatch was better suited for strategic planning and was more easily accessible in comparison to it’s predecessor, the pocket watch. It wasn’t until after World War I that the newly established wristwatch found a place in men's fashion. With designers such as Louis Cartier, Wilsdorf & Davis (later known as Rolex), and Hamilton, wristwatches quickly became a standard in the world of fashion accessories. 

I have always loved the wristwatch. In a world offering the Smart Watch and Fitbit, the standard wristwatch has had to adapt. Yet, it has managed to maintain a certain classicism and understated beauty. Along with these often comes a sizable price tag, playing a large role in why I had never truly committed to purchasing a wristwatch. Then, I discovered MVMT

It’s at this point that I must divulge I am NOT a spokesperson or paid ambassador of the MVMT brand. I merely adore their products. In fact, this adoration must be quite apparent. As an early birthday present, my husband gifted me the simple yet chic Gold Pearl from the Signature Series of MVMT, boasting a pearl dial and tan leather strap with an additional black leather strap. Then a close friend, unbeknownst to the gift my husband had presented, gave me the exquisite rose gold Jane from the Avenue Series

When it comes to the brilliant and unique designs of a watch, it's all about the details. MVMT does detail well. With a variety of styles and materials, they are truly a thing of beauty. I've got my eye on their newest series, Gala

I look back now and wonder how my wardrobe was ever complete, #firstworldproblems. With the variety of color and the interchangeable straps, these wristwatches have become a staple amongst my collection of fashion accessories, incorporating just a touch of class and a timeless feel to my everyday look.

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