Your eyebrows!

Dear preteen Lauren,

Stop plucking your eyebrows. 

I know you think that thin eyebrows are the cool thing right now, but that won’t last. Those beautiful brows will not grow back later in life. Believe me, I’ve tried. The damage you’re doing now cannot be undone. 

Not to mention, you are plucking the arch of your brow! Which means you're doing it wrong. It’s not your fault... no one properly taught you the art of shaping your eyebrows. However, you will later deal with the insecurities of bare brow syndrome (a fictitious condition from which I feel we now suffer). 

When you reach my age, using a brow liner, you will fill in the blank spaces where hair once grew. But will your eyebrows start dripping when you go to the pool? Will you accidentally wipe one brow away at the gym when wiping the sweat from your forehead?!

I hope you can understand my concern and consider the repercussions of your plucking. Please, put the tweezers down.


Older, somewhat wiser you.