Mom and Dad are right!

Mom and Dad are right!

Dear younger Lauren,

Mom and Dad are right... about pretty much everything. 

I know this all comes as a shock to you, and knowing you as well as I do, I know you're shaking your head in disagreement. But I'm only trying to help you. Later in life, you will look back and think, "why on earth did I do that". Take a moment and consider the words that I write to you now.

Mom and Dad are smarter than you think. Also, they're not that old. So stop thinking, "they're old; they can't relate to me". Wrong. Mom and Dad have already lived through what you're now experiencing. They too navigated life as a moody and smart aleck adolescent. 

I surely have not absorbed the full wealth of knowledge that our life has to offer. Much of what I have learned, however, I learned from our parents. I feel it's my duty to share with you the things I've learned over the years through the joys and the struggles. You will do a lot... I mean a LOT... of dumb stuff. Some of which is minor. Some of which is naive and silly. Some of which certainly deserved a little more contemplation before acting on them. Either way, we are in this together. Let's make dreams come true!


Older, somewhat wiser you.